without fear to lose

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Sometimes I wonder if I ‘m really a good friend. But I think that this question it’s very easy to answer. I have many real friends, not that kind of “friends” who change their behaviour depending on the place they are and the people their are with. I don’t like very much this kind of people.

Nevertheless I have very good friends. Thank you my friends at the university: Reme, Tamara and Irene. And also to my French “particular cojonudo teacher”, whose helped me to improve my french pronuciation with one dificult poem. He sais I do it very well, thank you very much, you know it.
Thanks to María and María José, my flatmates during the last two years, here, in Toledo. We've been friends since our childhood!

It’s a pity, but the course is finishing. But, the summer it’s short and we’ll meet again in September. Our last year will be diferent, I know that. It will be better than this one. we'll be even more joined!

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Why have I chosen this name for my blog? It’s very easy to explain. If you translate the name into spanish, it’s more or less “sin miedo a perder”.
Maybe this name doesn´t mean nothing for you, but if you are a fan, or you know something about David Demaría, it’s very easy to know. It’s the name of his fourth cd, I think. It’s his best cd. All of the 12 singles are excellent.
He composes music and lyrics, not only for himself, it’s also for others important spanish singers like: Malú(enamorada), los Caños (niña piensa en tí), David Bustamante (la fuerza del corazón)...
I liked him very much, but since I was in his concert, I feel he likes even more than before! He sing very well.
If I had to say which one is my favourite song I couldn't do, because I like the whole cd "Sin Miedo a perder". I can hear it once and again... Somes of my favourites songs are: "sin miedo a perder", "aviones plateados", de Manolo García, "niña piensa en tí" y "pétalos marchitos".

If you want to know more about him, visit this web:


It's the best

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Some weeks ago I created a blog, but it doesn't work. so, I´ve decided to create a new one.
Now I have to send the new link to María, my English professor at UCLM University.
I hope to go on sending soon!